Weather forecasts for Friday, 03.02.23

General weather conditions

In the night a new front will reach the Alps from the north.

Min 1° - Max 14°
Weather today

Increasingly cloudy from the north in the afternoon with new snowfall starting in the very north in the evening. Over night the precipitations will spread to the entire northern half of the region. Snow line between 1000 and 1300 m. Partly strong winds.

Min 4° - Max 15°
Weather tomorrow

The day will start with last precipitations in the north of South Tyrol, which will fade away in the morning. Then increasingly sunny from the south. Strong, partly stormy winds from the north.


Su, 05.02
Min -5° - Max 12°
Mo, 06.02
Min -9° - Max 11°
Tu, 07.02
Min -14° - Max 9°